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The Lord our God, He is One Lord

We have gone way too far to the Left in this country.  Far too many people are convinced that the Government can fix anything.  The Government has become the proverbial “Jack of all trades and Master of none” — although it would like to master its citizens.  It’s ironic.  “We the people” are supposed to be the Government, but “We the people” have been swallowed up by Government bureaucracy

On issues:  We are pro-life, pro-gun, for school vouchers, against activist judges who try to legislate from the bench, pro-family, for protection of parental rights, against “same sex marriage”, for border control, for immigration to be orderly and law-abiding - not chaotic and law-breaking, “Global Warming” is a ruse to raise taxes by using scare tactics, for protecting the environment, but against using extreme measures advocated by some environmental groups, for continued close alliance with Israel, for actively taking the fight to the terrorists and not waiting for them to strike our country again — to name a few of our positions.

We are against having a “Nanny Government” that assumes the role of providing all our needs from womb to tomb, cradle to grave.  That concept is just ridiculous.

This country is drifting toward socialism more each day.  Socialism requires more taxes.  Socialism punishes to productive and rewards the slothful.  Socialism seeks to find the lowest common denominator and attempts to bring everyone down to that level - rather than encouraging ingenuity, resourcefulness & perseverance to take advantage of the opportunities available in a country like America.  Socialism creates an elite ruling party that wants control of the purse strings so it can redistribute the money it confiscates as it sees fit.    

Liberalism = Socialism



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I am of the Conservative persuasion.  Government is too big, it interferes in peoples’ lives too much, it spends too much, taxes too much and causes people to be dependent upon it too much so it can pass itself off as a benevolent benefactor to a large portion of its citizens in order to gain their vote and remain in power.  I am a Ronald Reagan fan.  Where have all the good leaders gone?