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The theory of evolution has been stood on its head and the proponents of the teaching are ruthlessly fighting to suppress anything that challenges or questions this teaching.


It has been foisted on students in government schools for decades.  I recall when I was in school it was a “theory” and was presented as such.  In the past two or three decades, those in charge of education in this country have progressively presented it as “fact”, no longer just a “theory”.  In spite of proven fallacies and shortcomings associated with this teaching, the scientific community by and large, the courts, the media, and an elite group of “educators” have insisted on it being taught in public schools as a fact.


In recent years, there have been a growing segment of scientists, biologists, astronomers, professors and others who have dared to question the validity of the theory of evolution.  They are being subjected to ridicule, dismissed as kooks, punished by those in positions of authority within the education system.  It is almost a prerequisite that a person reject the notion of a “God” in order to grasp the notion of an evolution of life that somehow began without life.


SEE THE MOVIE ———- even if you accept the theory of evolution, you should see how attempts to silence those who don’t accept it are intensifying.  What are they afraid of???